From left to right:

Jared Littmann, Annapolis, Md.1

Thomas Markert, Delray Beach, Fla.2,8

M. Shân Atkins, Long Grove, Ill.2,6*,7

James Waters, Salina, Kan.1,6,7*

Alan Bryant, Oakhurst, Calif.1,8

Brent Burger, Oakland, Maine1,4 °

John Hartmann, Chicago, Ill.3 °

Gregory Josefowicz, Fennville, Mich.2,5 °

Kathleen Guion, Austin, Texas2,6,7

Richard George, Elmhurst, Ill.2,6,7 °

Brian Webb, Neenah, Wis. 1,8*

Director Designations

1 Store Owner
2 Outside Director
3 Chief Executive Officer
4 Board Chair
5 Board Vice-Chair

Board Committees

6 Audit Committee
7 Compensation Committee
8 Corporate Governance Committee
* Committee Chair
° Executive Committee


From left to right:

Blake Fohl

Senior Vice President Marketing and
Chief Customer Officer

Barbara Wagner

Vice President, Corporate Treasurer and
Chief Risk Officer

Ken Goodgame

Senior Vice President and Chief
Merchandising Officer

Eric Lane

Vice President, Specialty Business

John Hartmann

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rosalee Hermens

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Abhinav Shukla

Senior Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer

Cathy Anderson

Senior Vice President, Human Resources,

General Counsel and Secretary

Dave Shadduck

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial

Tim Mills

Senior Vice President, Growth