Hey, this room looks awesome!

I cut and installed the trim, prepped and painted it myself. Never done this before, but the people at True Value gave me the advice I needed, every step of the way. Now the project’s done, and I feel as good as this room looks!”

It’s all about being there for the customer.

Helping them feel good about doing a great job.

A can of paint. A rubber gasket. A pipe wrench. What are these things worth? You know the answer isn’t on the price tag. It’s in the feeling your customers get when they see the bright, clean walls they painted themselves. It’s in the simple satisfaction of fixing a leaky faucet. It’s the value of a job well done, and it’s what you’ve always provided.

Welcoming the young home buyer.

A key target for the new True Value brand strategy is first-time home buyers. They’re young achievers. They like doing projects around the house and in the yard. They need tools. Materials. Advice. They want quality, they value service and they will spend more with someone they trust.

In today’s big-box world, this is right in our wheelhouse.


Our loyal customers have supported True Value for years. As we serve them, we’re expanding our reach to a new generation we call “Young Achievers.” They’re active and hands-on, median age 31, and they’re buying their first homes. A perfect group to take True Value into the future.

Instead of following the pack and emphasizing the rational side in branding—the products and advice we offer—our new brand strategy creates a deeper connection by capturing a powerful emotion: the satisfaction of a job well done.